Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review of Scott Kellogg and Stacey Pettigrew's Regenerative UrbanSustainability Training (RUST) in Albany, NY

In June 2014, I attended a Regenerative Urban Sustainability Training class with Scott Kellogg and Stacey Pettigrew in Albany, NY.  They are the authors of Toolbox for Sustainable City Living.  The class focused on giving an overview of the many systems that they've implemented on their urban farm.  Aquaponics, microlivestock, mushroom cultivation, soil testing, growing microgreens, composting, sheet mulching, and rainwater collection were just some of the topics covered.  This was a great experience to see functioning systems that feed into each other.  Efficiency is maximized as one system's waste becomes another system's input.  As for the class, time management and organization seemed to be an issue.  Classes started late, and ran late each day.  Although, Scott and Stacey were very helpful for any questions from the class, and provided tons of additional reference books to skim through during lunch, the class was more of an overview of these ideas rather than an in-depth study.  Tons of useful knowledge was packed into a great weekend.

A compost sifter made from bicycle wheels.

Inside the immense greenhouse.

A floating bioremediation water filter prototype made from plastic bottles and netting.  Water-filtering plants grow in this net and the whole thing can be tethered near a polluted site.

Biogas Demonstration

More info about Scott and Stacey and their work here: Radixcenter.org

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