Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aquafarm 2.0 Review

A little while back, I was contacted by Alejandro from Back to the Roots.  He had seen my first Aquafarm review, and appreciated the review.  We chatted about our similar ideals and regenerative food production goals, and he offered to send me some updated parts for the Aquafarm.  The updated Aquafarm is in stores already, and included several improvements.  First, there is a new pump.  This is a water pump rather than an air pump.  It’ more efficient, and quieter than the air pump was.  There was also a new upper grow tray to accommodate the different pump and tubing.  Also included was an updated grow medium.  The new rocks are white in color, rather than brown, and they are more porous than the original grow media, allowing for more beneficial bacteria to turn the fish waste into plant food.

Overall, the update greatly improved the Aquafarm design.  I would hesitate to recommend the original design because of the loud pump, and the fact that the air pump died after a few months.  This updated version is definitely one that I’m now comfortable to recommend.  I’ve had great success growing basil and purslane under a daylight color lamp in a bedroom.  Here’s a quick video review of the updated Aquafarm 2.0 from Back to the Roots.  You can buy the updated Aquafarm at Petco stores, on Amazon, or directly from Back to the Roots.

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