Friday, March 22, 2013

105 Gallon Apartment System - Assembling the Frame

 Tonight I had time to stop over +Evgeny Pogorelov's house after work and we assembled the frame that will hold our 105 gallon aquaponics farm for his bedroom.  The total cost so far is about $250, and we still need pumps, piping, media, and fish.  Estimated cost is about $350 for the entire system.  It is also larger than we need, so we could fit a second 55 gallon fish tank, and a second 50 gallon stock tank on the frame.  Pogo moves out of his apartment in September, so we'll decide where it will go, and if we'll upscale at that point.

We started with the shelves that we made last weekend, painted and ready to be assembled.

Here's our 50 gallon stock tank and 55 gallon aquarium.

Attaching wheels

Not too difficult at all



Moving it into it's future home

The frame was build larger than necessary to allow us to make the system larger in the future.


  1. Wicked, well done sir, and you're welcome! Thanks for helping me build the thing. Can't wait to turn out some fresh, organic produce!

  2. Looks awesome!! Good job boys! I showed my parents the pics and they were impressed too - they're next in line for a medium window set-up :)

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