Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aquafarm Update from 23 Jan 2014

Back to the Roots sent me a new air pump to replace my original pump that died.  They also sent me more zym-bac beneficial bacteria, and a large bag of wheatgrass seeds.  They also sent some new instructions that say to place the air pump vertically next to the aquafarm and run the air tube into the aquarium.  After setting it up, the water is flowing much better now, and I seeded all 5 pots with wheatgrass.  Since my aquafarm doesn't get a lot of light (necessary to grow basil or lettuce), and I drink a lot of smoothies, I wanted to try to grow a bunch of wheatgrass to add to my fruit smoothies.  I'm glad the water is flowing, and the bacteria will be cleaning the water again.  I'll keep updating with the results.

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