Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aquaponics Greenhouse update

I took a quick video of the Aquaponic IBC system my small greenhouse.  The Alpine Strawberries are doing great, but all the tomato plants look dead.  I'm buying another heater to keep the water a bit warmer, and we have a small space heater in there to help the plants and koi fish to survive the winter.  The mint growing in the ground is still thriving, and it's definitely not cold inside the greenhouse.  My next step is to build a solids lifting overflow, and a radial flow filter from a 5-gallon bucket.  Then I'll hook them up to the IBC tank, draining into the 100gallon sump tank.  Then I'll add a stronger pump which will pump water to both grow beds.  I'm hoping to get all this done by spring so we have a fully assembled system by then.  Check out the video:

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