Monday, February 24, 2014

Apartment Aquaponic System disassembled

The 105 gallon system set up in my friend's apartment in Philly was disassembled yesterday.  We'll be moving most of the components to the greenhouse that we're building in Wilmington, Delaware.  We already have a 330 gallon IBC tank waiting, and we're going to be building a PVC hoop house.  We'll be attaching the grow bed from the apartment system to the IBC system as well.  Also, I have obtained some old windows to make some coldframes at the same location.  Lots of excitement coming this Spring, but it was a little sad to take apart the system that I had worked so hard and long on.  We did harvest about 2 supermarket bags full of kale, and I filet'd the tilapia we had living in the apartment system.  I'm sure I'll have tons of updates and photos from the Wilmington garden this Spring.

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