Thursday, April 3, 2014

SAGE Collective Aquaponic setup in Trenton, NJ

I recently disassembled the 105 gallon aquaponic setup in Philly, but I'm reusing some of those components for a system in Trenton, NJ at an Art Collective's studio space.  The SAGE Coalition is a group of local artists that do public murals, run a community garden, and host art gallery shows at their studio.  The Gandhi Garden is a beautiful community garden transformed by Graham Apgar, Jonathan Gordon, and other members of the SAGE Coalition and local residents.  I've only met Graham and Jonathan so far, but I'm excited to meet more of the artists here.  Here's what the Gandhi Garden looks like:

Here's some photos of our work so far:

Each shelf has a fluorescent light underneath.  I think we might remove one shelf to give each row some more space.  The goal is to eventually have the entire shelf be aquaponic grow beds connected to the 55 gallon tank on the floor.  Unfortunately, some rocks got into my aquarium filter, so I'll just be using a pump with no additional filter.  I am planning on making a radial flow filter to test out, but it's not a priority at the moment.  I just received the pump in the mail, and am waiting for a uni-seal to arrive, then we'll get some water flowing to the grow bed.

I'm currently off-gassing the chlorine from the tap water.  The pH is balanced, and I've added some ammonia to start cycling.  Hopefully in a few weeks this will be flowing!

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