Friday, May 17, 2013

Aquaponic Windowfarm update 17 May 2013

So the windowfarm was not looking too great this morning.  My air tubing got clogged with solid waste, and stopped pumping water.  The parsley looks sad.

The garlic is hanging in there.

On the bright side, the mushroom farm that I ordered from Back to the Roots has started to show mushroom pins.  I've grown edible mushrooms before, but I had some problems with the first kit from Back to the Roots, it just didn't grow.  The replacement, however, has started to grow, and we should have some full-size mushrooms in a few days.  I'm still a bit skeptical about their aquaponic kit.  I'm worried that the 3 gallon tank is not enough for a betta fish (recommendations are for a 5 gallon tank minimum for happy fish).  It is a nice concept, though.  I'm expecting to receive mine sometime in the upcoming months.

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