Saturday, March 16, 2013

Update to Apartment Windowfarm

I added more plants to my windowfarm today and fiddled with the airlift to get it working a bit better.  The water wasn't syphoning out of the fish tank very well, so I got the syphon working better, and now more water is flowing.  I added some a rosemary plant and a strawberry plant.  The green onions from a week ago are still growing strong.  I started them from supermarket green onions.  I kept the root after using the green part in a recipe, and the root grew more green onions!  I'm also trying to start some basil and parsley from seeds in the fish rock media.  I'm pretty sure that I've seen other people having success with starting from seed directly in the grow media.  Here's the update video:

The Windowfarm in front of my kitchen window.



I've also had some lavender seeds laying around, so I planted them in the potting soil left over from the strawberries and rosemary.  When that grows some roots, I'll switch it out with the green onions, which should be done growing by then.

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