Sunday, March 24, 2013

Largest Vertical Farm in the Nation using Aquaponics

I came across this story on  The nation's largest vertical greenhouse is located in Chicago, IL, and they're using aquaponic gardens!  It's pretty awesome that aquaponics is being used on such a large scale.  It really reinforces my goals of making a career out of spreading this amazing process.  The photographs from the farm are stunning.  Seeing such a huge aquaponics system climbing 20-30 feet vertically in an indoor facility is truly inspiring.  The facility is run by FarmedHere, who's name you may have already seen in Whole Foods if you live in Chicago, IL.

"Nearly 100% of supermarket lettuces in the US come from just 2 places, near Salinas, California in the summer, and Yuma, Arizona in the winter.  These lettuces travelled 3000 miles to reach the local grocery store here." - Paul Lightfoot, CEO, BrightFarms

Well, that's not the case in Chicago, anymore.

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