Saturday, April 6, 2013

Windowfarm update

Hey everyone!  It's been a while since my last update, and I've been seeing some great growth in my windowfarm recently, so here's an update.

The Basil is growing pretty slowly.  It's on the top shelf of the windowfarm, so maybe it's not getting as much light as the rest of the plants.

The parsley is jumping out, stretching towards the window!

The Rosemary plant is growing strong.  This one was bought from Home Depot a few weeks ago, so it was already growing.  I've been using it in some recipes too.  I threw some sprigs into the slow cooker with some pulled pork that I cooked last night.  It turned out incredible.

The Strawberry plant is growing well, too.  The leaves are getting bigger, and I've seen a bunch of flowers bloom.  The white flower petals fall off, and it looks like a baby strawberry.  I've never grown strawberries before, so I'm not sure if these will get bigger and turn into strawberries or not.

I used the green onions this morning on pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches (might be my new favorite grilled cheese variation).  I had started them from some green onions that I got at the supermarket.  I cut them a few times, so they weren't growing back very big anymore, so I pulled them to make room for something else.

The lavender doesn't seem to be doing too well.  These guys shot up pretty quickly, and then kind of stagnated.  I'm not sure if they're getting too much light next to the window, or not enough because they're down in the solo cup.

The parsley on the window sill is doing awesome too!

Lana got a Venus Fly Trap that is starting to open up!

I also switched out the airline tubing and the one-way check valve for my airlift.  The thin airline tubing was getting clogged with the solid waste from the fish tank.  Also, the check valve was clogged, and barely working, so not very much water was getting to the plants.  I'm not so sure that the airlift is capable of filtering the solids in the tank, so I'm considering adding a water filter as well.

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